Stoolsare a comfortable and modern model. In general, it is our seat model with the widest usage area. Our stools are suitable for use in entertainment venues such as bars and cafes. In addition, it is a model suitable for use in small studio apartments. Bar stoolsare designed in an extremely comfortable and comfortable structure and are an ergonomic model that supports the body structure.

Bar stools are a diverse category that is easy to use and has different designs in terms of variety, besides its quality and modern structure. Usually cast molded sponge is used for stools. Some stool models have only seating fonts and there are also models manufactured using wooden materials. Bar stools are designed in different structures according to their usage areas. The model, which is generally used in places such as bars and cafes, is suitable for the decor of the entertainment space, and besides this, another issue that is important by the owners of the place is the comfort of its customers. Bar stools are generally manufactured using molded foam and covered with fabric or artificial leather.

Our stool models have different and stylish designs from each other. While some bar stools are manufactured for use in places such as bars without a backrest, some models have a back section to support customers to lean back. Bar stools or bar seats are designed to look more petite compared to normal seat models. Bar stools use a foot model that is not used in other seats. In some models, flange foot model is used, which is referred to as tray feet. The flange foot model prevents the stool from changing its position. Stools are generally designed to have a high seat so that they can be used comfortably in front of high benches and tables. There is a mechanism that adjusts the height of the stool under the seating font. Some models are produced without armrests, while some models have armrests. It has a ring under the bar stools that provides support with foot while sitting. Stools are manufactured with star legs, flange tray legs and pingo legs.

We make special production of our stool models in different colors and leg models in accordance with your preference and the decor of the space you will use. We manufacture our stools according to quality standards. Our product is covered by a 2-year warranty.
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