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Conference chairsare chair models designed in a comfortable and modern structure. In general, they are very wide and suitable for use in workplaces, educational institutions such as schools and universities and entertainment venues. They are manufactured in a very comfortable structure for the convenience of the users and at the same time, they are manufactured in a structure that supports the ergonomic structure that supports the body structure.

Conference chairsare a category with many different designs. The conference seat is designed differently according to its area of ​​use and purpose of use. Conference chair models used in companies and workplaces vary according to the size of the company. For example, since holding companies and similar companies have a large number of employees and the conference halls will be large, the conference seats used in this area are fixed on the floor. The conference seats used to train employees in the conference rooms of more intermediate companies are used normal conference seats without a fixed position. In places where there are many conferences and seminars such as schools and universities, conference seats fixed to the ground are used as in holdings. In private education institutions, conference chairs with writing pads are used to take notes, as in medium-level companies. Conference seats fixed in place are used in entertainment centers, theater and cinema halls.

Regardless of where they are used, almost all of the conference chairs are made of cast molded polyurethane foam and upholstered with fabric or artificial leather. The back of the conference seats is very comfortable and comfortable. Some models have armrests, and some models are manufactured with a writing pad to make writing easier. The seating font of the conference chair, which is used in entertainment venues, institutions such as universities and schools and large companies, is fixed in some models, while in some models it turns to the back part thanks to the mechanism that has a sitting font. In this way, it is easier to pass from the empty conference seats. These conference seats are installed to their places.

Conference chairs are manufactured in accordance with Turkish and international quality standards. Our products are under the guarantee of the company for 2 years.
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