office sofas

Office Sofasare office modules designed in a comfortable and stylish structure. Their general usage areas are suitable for use in companies and offices, and they are also suitable for use in government offices and office rooms. In addition to using office sofas with office furniture in office rooms, they can also be used in boss, CEO and executive office rooms. Office sofas are manufactured in a comfortable and comfortable structure. They are produced in an ergonomic structure in accordance with the body structure of the users. Gibson Office sofas have high quality and modern designs and models. They are very comfortable and comfortable products for the use of your guests in office rooms. It is manufactured in different styles according to the place or office room it is used in. The office sofas used in the executive room are designed in a more serious structure compared to other office sofas, due to their more magnificent structure. The backrest is designed in a structure that provides full comfort when leaning high. The sitting font of the office sofa is very spacious and comfortable.The armrests of the executive sofa are used by being upholstered with sponge and the fabric used in the body of the sofa, as in the general structure of the sofa. Different from model to model, legs are generally manufactured using wood or metal material.

Executive office sofas are manufactured in a simpler structure with the same comfort and the same quality compared to the models used in the office room. Executive office sofas are made of normal sponge in their structure and again from a wooden frame. It is covered with quality sponge and upholstered in the type of fabric used throughout the sofa. The models in this category are quite different from each other and there are stylish models. Some models are quilted and have stitches, and some models are made of office sofas without armrests. Its feet are manufactured using wood or metal material.

Office sofas are high quality and modern office products and are generally preferred in office rooms. In addition, most of the sofa modelsare special models of the series. The series includes executive or executive chair, study chair and guest chair models. Office sofas are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. Our products are covered by a 2-year warranty.
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