executive armchairs

Executive Chairsare designed in a serious, stylish and aesthetic structure in terms of structure and design. In general, there are models suitable for use by office owners in companies, companies and enterprises serving in almost every size and sector, or in official government offices. Executive chairs are designed in an ergonomic structure to prevent discomfort caused by sitting for a long time, as well as being extremely comfortable and comfortable.

Executive office chairsare generally manufactured using high quality foam in order to be comfortable and comfortable in their structures. In our executive chairs category, there are models suitable for use in office rooms. The executive chairs are generally wooden framed and the sponge is high quality sponge and they are upholstered using artificial leather. While some models are completely wooden, including the armrests and legs of the executive chair or office chair, some models are made of chrome and aluminum coating. The back part of executive chairs, which are known for their more magnificent and more flamboyant design compared to other office chairs, are manufactured with comfort and convenience that create a massage effect during reclining in some models that fully support the anatomical structure.

These are models manufactured using predominantly wooden material in the executive chairs structure. The seat of the seat is designed in a wide structure in order to be suitable for every body size, and allows it to be moved up and down with the double-arm mechanism located under the sitting font in order to be adjusted to the working table during working or in the forward and backward direction to spring according to preference. Executive seats are generally shock absorber supported. The shock absorber supports the up and down movement of the seat. They have a star footed and wheeled structure using wood or metal material. The wheels are made of hard plastic material and allow easy movement without damaging the ground.

There are many options in executive office chairs and office chairs, with color charts in many different colors and fabric charts to match your office furniture in almost all models. Executive office chairs are manufactured in accordance with internationally accepted standards. Our product is under warranty for 2 years.
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