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Meeting Tables

Round, Square and Rectangular for 4 ~ 12 and more person, Meeting Tables Types

Meeting tables are the table types used in meeting rooms, where business people carry out negotiations and/or discussions. In meetings made with minimum two people meeting table the meeting table can be in size of 2, 4, 6, or for 8 people. Sizes, form and extra systems such as electronic apparatus for the use of computers are necessary for the attention, ambiance and the efficiency of the meeting. Depending on the prestige of the business, from a small circle of people to a huge meeting environments, varieties of kinds are available for almost every meeting room. In addition to the standard products, fabrication of all kinds and sizes of meeting tables for custom requests meeting tables are also possible.
Ottoman Meeting Table Ottoman
Labella Lacquer Meeting Table Labella
Meeting Table for 12 People Meeting
10 Person Meeting Table 10

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