work armchairs

Working chairsb>Working Chairsare sofa models with a modern, stylish and elegant appearance. In general, it is a category that has a wide usage area.Working chairsare a suitable model for use by personnel in home, office, workplaces and companies. It has a structure that supports the body structures of the personnel who sit for a long time and is manufactured in an ergonomic structure in accordance with the human anatomical structure in order to prevent posture and similar disorders that may arise from working.

Office work chairs are generally manufactured using high quality and robust technical equipment and metal parts. The contents of the working chairs are generally manufactured by using cast molded sponge and upholstered with artificial leather. Office chairs are more comfortable and comfortable because they will be used by employees. In their buildings, they are generally lighter than executive chairs and office chairs, and only the products from the executive suite series are produced in a modern structure by using wooden materials in the armrests and legs.

The back part of the personnel seats is manufactured in a comfortable structure in order not to cause discomfort during working. The seating font is wide and comfortable in all models to suit any body size. Armrests and legs are made of wood on some models, chrome or aluminum on some models, and hard plastic on some modelsIt is manufactured using material. There is a double arm mechanism under the seating font, which is used to be moved up and down in order to adjust the height of the working chairs in accordance with the working table and to adjust and fix the spring in the appropriate position by moving it back and forth. All of our working seats are supported by shock absorbers. In this way, it provides easy use to the working chair. The legs of the office staff chairs are usually star-shaped and have wheels at the ends. The wheels are manufactured by covering the metal profile with hard plastic material and do not damage the floor.

Office chairs are manufactured in high quality and modern structure. Generally, many office chairs are available in a special series. The series generally include executive or office chair, U-footed guest chair and pingo-footed guest chair models. Working chairs are manufactured in accordance with quality standards. Our product is covered by a 2-year warranty.
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