waiting room armchairs

Waiting Seats are seat models with stylish and comfortable structures. Generally, the areas of use are suitable for use in public places where there are many visitors. They are models for saving space and increasing guest capacity, suitable for use in official government institutions, especially in hospitals and similar places, as in the waiting areas in companies, workplaces and companies. They are models that support the anatomical structure of the body and do not cause discomfort in long-term use.

Waiting chairs are generally more robust and more comfortable seat models. Almost all of them are manufactured using polyurethane cast sponges and are covered with different fabric types. In addition, waiting seats are made of different materials in different structures depending on the area of ​​use. For example, in areas where crowded and waiting chairs are used by visitors such as hospitals and schools, waiting seats are predominantly made of metal material to be strong and durable against weight and impacts. Cast sponge and artificial leather are used on the seat and back. In addition, the waiting seats used in such places have multiple visitor capacity. In addition, the foot models used in waiting seats also change.

The waiting chairs used in the waiting areas in offices and workplaces are designed in a different structure as the number of visitors is more limited compared to other areas. The waiting chairs used in office and company waiting areas are mostly suitable for office decor and concept. While some models may be multiple, some models are also included in a single structure. In some multiple waiting seats, a coffee table is placed between two seats, providing more comfortable use of the guests. In this category, waiting seats can be more comfortable and comfortable.

Waiting chairs can be used in different structures and designs. In addition, different designs are used according to the institution and area in which they are used. While metal-weighted models are used in public institutions or similar workplaces, models manufactured using lighter materials are used in the waiting areas of workplaces where visitors are less than public institutions. We manufacture the waiting chairs in accordance with the quality standards. Our product is covered by a 2-year warranty.
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